German Breakfast

contributed by Ms Nikita Theuma, Teacher of German

Every year, the students in Year 8 have the opportunity to experience a German breakfast. This is organised by the teacher together with the learning support assistant and the students.

On this occasion, the students took their time to enjoy breakfast while they could taste some of the most common food and drinks found in the German breakfast, such as Kräutertee (herbal tea), Orangensaft (orange juice), Wurst (sausage) , Weiβwurst (white sausage) and Speck (German smoked ham). The students also brought bread, which is a staple in a German breakfast.

Germans love taking their breakfast and like to enjoy the moment with their loved ones every morning. Although this has been altered by modern culture, where one needs to go to work or take the children to school, most Germans still enjoy this routine, especially on weekends. Breakfast remains one of the most important meals in most German households.