Designing Homes during Graphical Communication lessons

contributed by Ms Ruth Ebejer, Teacher of Graphical Communication

In Graphical Communication students are encouraged to use their creativity and their knowledge of technical drawing techniques to come up with their own ideas and drawings. The bunkbed design was designed and drawn by Jamie Mifsud of year 8B. He is using orthographic projection and isometric projection to best represent his design.

The kitchen and bedroom were designed by Thomas Catania of year 10. He is using planometric projection and one point perspective to represent his designs. Another bedroom in one point perspective was designed by Isaac Muscat of year 10.

The text book “Understanding Technical Graphics” also offers excellent exercises to practise and apply drawing techniques.

The Spray Bottle and Guaranteed Irish logo were drawn by Jean Claude Debattista of year 9 using the tangential arcs method.

The Bridge and Perfume Bottle were drawn by Alec Zammit Cassar of year 9 using isometric projection and more specifically circles in isometric.

Alec Zammit Cassar also used his knowledge of drawing techniques to replicate the Avengers Logo.