A Summary of Our School Ethos

Our school, the Archbishop’s Seminary, is committed towards promoting a Catholic, committed lifestyle. It aims at encouraging its students to form a community whose values are communicated through the interpersonal and sincere relationships of its members. This is done by sharing a common outlook on life based on the good news of the gospel.

The Archbishop’s Seminary has seven pillars upon which it strives to inculcate good practices and promote a sound foundation for tomorrow’s society. These are: Catholic principles, character education,  student achievement, learning opportunities, professional development, environmental conscience and parental involvement.

Being a Church school, particularly a school which belongs to the Archdiocese of Malta, and being part of an institution which prepares young men for priesthood, The Archbishop’s Seminary cannot but promote Catholic principles. It does this by inducing within its students Christian values and virtues, but not only theoretically. So much so that from an early age our students experience voluntary work and an altruistic approach towards their peers and the rest of society.

Character formation tops the list of aims that the Seminary has for its students, since the school believes that it is shaping tomorrow’s leaders, policy makers and above all tomorrow’s gentlemen. Hence, it inculcates within its students an inclination to self-evaluate, to be critical upon one’s deeds and to be ready to do good in return for a bad deed.  The school does not promote a punitive system of discipline, in line with this philosophy, but rather a system which helps the child or youth reflect upon what he would have done and then help him be ready to face with maturity the consequences pertaining to his stage of development and readiness.

How does the school look at student achievement? The school believes in its mission to promote academic progress. However, besides the teaching of new content and knowledge, the school tries its best to value multiple intelligences, keeping in mind that each individual has his own strengths and potential and that each individual learns in a unique and personal way. The school gives utmost importance to criticality. In fact it promotes thinking skills and a critical approach towards learning since the first year of teaching. The school prides itself in offering a vast array of integrated technologies, allowing its students to experience different sciences in a practical manner since primary years. The school also believes in preparing students to be proficient bilinguals, whilst preparing them holistically, through spiritual, physical, social, psychological and cognitive domains.

The school offers a learning opportunity to one and all. No child is left behind, as it believes in the philosophy of trying hard to give a tailor-made educational experience to each child, according to his particular needs. So much so that the school has a strong early intervention system, which helps struggling students at a very early stage and which provides a multitude of resources to help the child overcome his difficulties. Besides, the school believes in stretching the potential of gifted children, by offering them opportunities to further their curiosity and learning ability.

To be able to offer these sound educational experiences, the school has a very strong, continuous professional development programme. Teachers and LSAs are not only induced into the school’s philosophy upon their recruitment, but they are constantly adjourning themselves and keeping abreast with the latest curricular demands and developments. The school’s leadership team supports its staff and it constantly mentors them. Teachers and LSAs are highly valued and partake with the school’s leadership team in decision making and policy building.

Few schools are endowed with such natural beauty as surroundings. Our school luckily has this benefit. Hence, it is our duty to inculcate an environmental conscience within each and every one of our students. As early as Year 1, our students have hands-on opportunities, through clubs and eco-school activities, to become ecological stewards, whilst maturing in ecological intelligence and environmental sustainability.

The school believes that alone it cannot prepare students well for life. It believes strongly that parents and guardians are the school’s partners in this educational journey, and that therefore they have to be present and active in their sons’ endeavours. Hence, for the school, parental involvement is of utmost relevance. The school gives a lot of opportunities to carers to partake in its day-to-day activities. It not only encourages the membership within the PTA, but it also has a curriculum tailor-made for parents and guardians, through which they continue to be learners themselves. Various sessions are organised, which promote several good practices necessary when parenting nowadays. These include parental skills courses, literacy and numeracy courses to be able to help children in the right way at home, fitness classes, parents’ evenings to keep in touch with curricular demands, spiritual and family formation sessions and so much more.  Besides, from time to time, carers are invited to help out teachers during sessions in class, such as guided reading sessions, where they actually read stories to children and help them understand and discuss.

This is what makes the Archbishop’s Seminary not only a school, but also a familiar experience, which endows each and every member of the community within it, be it staff, parents or students, with the ability to explore him/herself and mature to his/her full potential, hence becoming an active, responsible citizen and a true practicing Christian.