The use of learning stations in Year 2 classes

contributed by Ms Genevieve Darmanin,
Class Teacher 2.1  

In order to encourage our students to become independent learners and work together in groups, we decided to start implementing learning stations during lessons.

Learning stations are places in the classroom where groups of learners work collaboratively on different tasks in order to revise content and practise skills related to any particular topic. A different activity or task is set up on each group table. Each group of students works on a given task for a set amount of time before rotating independently to the next task. This means that during one lesson, students have the opportunity to participate in a number of hands-on, fun and engaging activities.  For example, during a Phonics lesson focusing on beginning letter blends, 4 different learning stations were set up including a board game, bingo, secret word spelling game and a sorting task.