Maths Journal in Year 2 classes

contributed by Ms Rebecca Scerri, Class 2.2

As of this year, we have introduced Maths journalling in our Year 2 classes. Maths Journals are copybooks in which students are asked to record their strategy and thought processes as well as solutions. While students learn how to ‘do’ Maths, they must also learn how to articulate what they are learning.

This is a new strategy for our students and is a skill which becomes easier with practice. We have started with simple, structured journal entries which provide a useful insight into what the student understands, how he approaches ideas and what misconceptions he has. We also date our entries since this will provide a chronological record of the development of a student’s Mathematical thinking throughout the year.

During one particular entry for Estimation, the boys were asked to trace the palm of their hand on their copybooks, estimate the number of interlocking cubes their hand can hold and then use actual cubes to check whether their guess was close or not.

We try to include at least one Journal entry for every Maths topic and so far our students have shown great enthusiasm and are gaining more confidence with the idea.