Saint Francis Celebration

contributed by the Chaplaincy Team

Our school community celebrates St Francis annually and this year is no exception. On this occasion our primary students were invited to bring along a pet, a soft toy or else a photo of their pet so that they could be blessed together with their families who were invited to join us on premises during the celebration.

St Francis perceived nature and all creation as a display and reflection of God’s grandeur. This inherently translates that we are all connected to each other in this circle of life; animal or plant, big or small and that this bond requires treating everyone and everything with dignity and respect. This viewpoint and two popular legends inspired us to reaffirm the figure of St Francis as the patron saint of animals and pets.

The first legend relates how St Francis stopped a man-eating wolf from terrorizing the residents of a town near Assisi by way of preaching to it using the power of his voice. The second legend recounts how St Francis used to stop during his travels, preaching to the birds perched on trees along the road, assuring them that God loved them whilst urging them to thank Him for their beautiful “clothes”. 

May we thus take on St Francis’ urge to glorify God in His creation and to treat all that was made with love, care and respect!