Upgrading of the Classrooms’ Interactive Facilities

by the School Leadership Team

Upon completing a full overhaul of the school’s WIFI infrastructure and services, our investments in IT focused on the revamping of the interactivity equipment found in our classrooms. Over the past months we have been in discussion with a leading local supplier to work on a project, through which we would replace the existing interactive whiteboards, found in each and every classroom of our school. Interactive whiteboards help teachers and students visualize thoughts, concepts, jot down ideas, and therefore are an overall important teaching aid. As a school we have been investing in these technologies for the last two decades as we believe that our students benefit from such resources.

We are pleased to announce that over the Easter recess, around 25 new interactive whiteboards have been installed in a number of classrooms around both the primary and secondary sections. These new interactive whiteboards are replacing older versions which had been in use for the past years and which were up for an upgrade or replacement. Over these last few days, our technical team has helped teachers retrain in the use of these resources.

As a school we are planning to replace the remaining interactive whiteboards in the coming months.

Our thanks go to the logistics team, technicians and to all those parents who have contributed through their financial assistance, without which such upgrades would not be possible.