Business Studies Activity

contributed by Nicholas Anastasi Year 9

On the 1st February 2022, the year 9 Business Studies group had the opportunity to participate in a whole-day creativity session organised by JAYE (Junior Achievement Young Enterprise).

We were welcomed by two JAYE representatives who were very kind and amusing. We were given an introduction about their group and what they do.  Students were given the opportunity to give some information about themselves. We were then handed interesting and interactive booklets.

The highlight of the activity was when we were divided into  groups . As a group, we discussed our ideas and drafted a business plan. I waited eagerly  for the hands-on activity.

Each team was given a piece of cloth, markers, glue, colours and a large A3 paper. From this material, each team had to create an original shirt. On the A3 chart we had to write what our product is made of, how much it would cost to manufacture it, where it would be advertised and the projected selling price.

Group presentations followed the craft session . My group consisted of 3 members and we were all keen to present our unique T-shirt . After each group presentation, each member of the group was handed a certificate of participation.

Undoubtedly, it was a fun, interesting and educational session which helped me put into practice all the material I had learnt during the Business studies lessons .