The use of ‘Quizizz’ during lessons

contributed by Ms Krista Mizzi, Class 5.2

For the past two years, as a Yr 5 team, we have decided to work more on the use of tablets in the classroom. We researched different applications and websites that can be integrated with our lessons and would be interesting for our students to use. One of them was the website ‘Quizizz’. This is basically filled with ready-made quizzes related to various topics and subjects across the curriculum, as well as others that teachers can create themselves. The children are given a code which they enter in their tablets in order to access a game. Once the teacher confirms that all students are connected, the quiz commences. All students work alone and at their own pace, and they are even able to redo the questions they got wrong at the end of the quiz. What is special and different about this, is that the children can follow their own progress on the interactive whiteboard. The scoreboard changes as the students advance with the questions, so one can imagine their excitement as they see their name popping over another’s!