Budding Rockstars

contributed by Isaac Fenech Year 11

On the 8th of November 2018 a few fifth formers, including myself, had the chance to go to the Budding rock stars event. We got to see and listen to all kinds of people with one thing in common: entrepreneurship. People of different ages and races were all intent on making BIG MONEY.

We were inside the Grand Hotel Excelsior (with a free meal), together with students from all over Malta. The guests talked about their experiences and paths to success, giving us advice from their first-hand experiences. We all realised that ultimately we have to love what we do all the way to invest in the long game. The importance of never selling your business was something that really struck me. As they say, “If an oil company wants to buy your house, there is oil under the house”. Another word of advice which was also striking was, “Your time is money, so spend it wisely and you will make it big.”

The best part of it all was when at the end we were introduced to services and companies willing to give us cash to start up our business.

Whether you want to start a business or to be successful, make sure to keep your grades up and you could get the chance to go to Budding Rockstars next year too.