From our Student Councils

Contributed by Student Council co-coordinators: Mr Pierre Bellia, Mr John Paul Vella and Mr Karl Cortis

Primary Student Council

The Student Council in the Primary School is made up of nine students, one student from every class in Years 4, 5 and 6. This year, the students were chosen through an election that was held in every class; the class teachers explained the role of the Student Council in the school and the duties that members of the Council are encouraged to perform. The members of the Council for this year are David Agius (4.1), Kayden Friggieri (4.2), Matthias Muscat (4.3), Jamie Mifsud (5.1), Matthias Gatt (5.2), Julian Borg (5.3), Matthias Grixti (6.1), Andrea Grech (6.2) and Fernando Flask (6.3).

In the first meeting that was held on Monday 12th November during the mid-day break, the students that were already members in the Council in previous years explained to the ‘new-comers’ what being a member of the Student Council entails. Emphasis was made on the importance of having an attitude of being of service to others, especially by giving a voice to those who feel lost on how to give their suggestion or show their concern about issues at school. This is in line with this year’s school motto. The students were tasked with observing what goes on in the school and report back for discussion and suggestions for improvement. Mr. Stefan Busuttil, the Drama teacher, also offered to lead some meetings and help the students achieve the necessary skills and confidence to address groups and to talk in front of an audience.

Mr. Pierre Bellia

Years 7 & 8 Student Council

These are the students on this scholastic year’s Years 7 and 8 Student Council:

Year 7:  Christian Baldwin and Julian Borda
Year 8:  Gianluca Cremona, Jake Darmanin, Samuel Falzon, Zacharias Micallef Ghigo, Christian Ciantar

Our meetings take place every Wednesday in break and we use this time and space to discuss how we can make all the students’ experiences at the Seminary as valuable as possible. We are currently discussing our contribution to the annual Christmas Experience and also working closely with our school’s Ekoskola and our school’s voluntary group VC3 on a joint project that we plan on working on this scholastic year. We encourage all students in primary and secondary to approach any of the members of the Student Council with any ideas that we can then discuss in our weekly meetings. We look forward to hearing from you.

Mr John Paul Vella

Years 9, 10 and 11 Student Council

Last year was a successful year, with fundraising, different food days, and increased safety in the parts of the school where vehicles pass.

2018 – 2019: a year filled with change. The mid-yearly exams will be replaced by continuous assessment, the Houses have been reshuffled, and the school has grown to the maximum number possible of 75 students per year. This year may be different from the last one in every way except for one. The Student Council will keep giving its utmost to help make all students as comfortable and as happy as possible. The Council will create events to ensure that students’ lives will be enjoyable. The Council is still going to try to make the school a healthier place, but it will try to improve the school’s morale and strengthen the connections between the teacher and the student.

Aidan Borg Year 10