Our first days at school

Some hints and tips from our Year 1 teachers…

Contributed by Ms Simone, Ms Joanna and Ms Noelle

Parents are encouraged to train their children to be responsible for their belongings by, for example, carrying their own small backpack when going out with the family or going to out-of-class activities. If the children are shown their belongings before these are put in their school bag, it will help them recognise their things amidst the rest.


Training them how to care for themselves appropriately such as tucking in their shirt after using the bathroom, blowing their nose alone, and being able to wear and zip up their jacket, helps the children be more independent and efficient to get ready in class.

year-1-1 Good practice of pencil grip and control helps their handwriting skills.  Numerical and literacy informal teaching through games, such as eye spy, using phonics instead of letter names, number sequence/ counting, introduction to colours etc. helps the children become familiar with the basics.


It is also important to control the amount of time allowed for use of technological devices as this will help them with their concentration and attention skills.

Passing on a love for books through reading as well as going to the library helps the children to look forward to this activity in the classroom.


Turn-taking and dealing with loss are easily tackled through games. Furthermore, helping children accept that everyone is different and thus become more tolerant towards others, as well as be more cooperative will prepare them better for group activities in class.



Moving from primary to secondary…

“It was rather good as I had a lot of fun with my friends and I also enjoyed learning.”

“I felt I settled in well thanks to the teachers.”

“Although it was a big change, it was very exciting.”

“It was so much fun that it passed by very quickly.”

“I was a little worried at first but then I realised that everything will be ok.”

“Inħossni ferħan għax nistgħu nimxu minn klassi għal oħra u niltaqgħu ma’ għalliema differenti.”

“I felt happy coming to school to see my friends after summer.”

“The hardest thing is being punctual.”

“Ħassejtni ftit imbeżża’ għax ma kontx naf fejn kienu l-klassijiet imma diġà bdejt nidra s-sistema.”

“Our first day of school was fun and I’m looking forward to see what the future brings.”