The Friendship Card Initiative

contributed by Mr. Jonathan Galea & Ms. Christine Sant Bezzina, PSCD Department

The classroom can provide a context where adolescents may practise social skills with adults and
their classmates. This entails cooperating with people, forming friendships, exchanging ideas,
accepting one another’s perspectives, and settling disagreements. The Friendship Cards are a tool
used during the PSCD lessons to enhance emotional literacy. This comprises the process of learning
to read, comprehend and manage one’s own emotions as well as those of others with the objective
to form positive and healthy relationships. During PSCD lessons, the students engaged with this tool
to understand case studies and stories related to the topics being discussed. Students managed to
empathise with the characters, and using the Friendship Cards they shared personal experiences and
worked on their emotional competencies, helping them in their individual character formation and
establishing healthy relationships with the people around them.