Year 8 – Choice of Subjects 2017

In view of the Choice of Subjects to be studied during Year 9, 10 and 11, our Year 8 students shall participate in a series of activities that will help them decide which subjects they shall choose. For this reason, the Archbishop’s Seminary has published the Subject Choice Document 2017 Guidelines. Click here to download.

Students have already participated in a generic meeting on Wednesday 25th January 2017, but they will still have a number of meetings and workshops as follows:

  • Tuesday 21st February 2017
    • Talk about Graphical Communication, Design and Technology & Art.
    • Workshops about Accounts, Agribusiness, Art, Computing and Hospitality,  split by houses.
  • Wednesday 22nd February 2017
    • Talk about Chemistry and Biology
    • Workshops about Agribusiness, Art, Business Studies, Computing and Hospitality,  split by houses.
  • Thursday 16th March 2017 @10am – noon
    • A meeting for Parents of Year 8 students
  • Friday 24th March 2017
    • Deadline for submission of Subject Choice Decision