Maths Olympiad

contributed by Gabriel Pace Year 11

It was Tuesday when I woke up early in the morning, eager to go to Mosta, where the Olympiad was going to take place. I looked at some notes I had taken beforehand and left. When I arrived there, I met up with Luca, who was the second representative from my school, and we waited until the first session started. The first session was a mental test, but it was no ordinary mental test since the questions were more challenging than expected.  In fact, the questions required the constant use of logic since they were nothing like the usual ones found in a routine mental test. When the first session ended, we had a 30-minute break to eat, drink and engage in a discussion about the first session. During the second session we were allowed to use a calculator. However, these questions were even more complex and having a calculator did not make our job easier since we had to form an equation prior to using it.  All in all, the Maths Olympiad was an experience I will never forget.