Making lessons meaningful: Learning by doing

contributed by Ms Krista Mizzi, Class Teacher 5.2

In order to make lessons meaningful to our students, we try to link our knowledge to life experiences. That’s what we did, for instance, when teaching how to write instructions. The students were given a task, to write a list of instructions on how to make a birthday card. They learnt the importance of ordinal numbers, sequence and verbs in the imperative form. What better way to test their own instructions than by actually using them to make their own card! In this way, they were able to notice whether they left any detail or instruction out and they were also able to correct their own work. The very creative and colourful cards were then hung in class and later on given to their respective recipients. Through this exercise we could confirm that the best way of learning about something is by doing, or as Confucius once said, “I do and I understand”.