ICT at our school

contributed by Craig Camilleri, Year 8 Preca

ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology. It is a term used to consolidate both Information Technology and Communication since these go hand in hand in today’s digital world.

ICT is a very important subject. In fact, at the Archbishop’s Seminary school, this subject is taught to all students since it prepares us in our career and dream job. During class, the following topics were learned:

  • Animation
  • Game development

To create animations, a software called Synfig is used to create moving objects to develop a scene. Here, several shapes and artwork are available to create characters. In game development, coding sprites and objects is the main function. This is done by using command blocks to instruct the item to move according to instructions. Using logic and conditions, very interesting games can be created.

In ICT, the world of computers is explored together with learning step by step on how to use them. We also find out about new apps and useful items on a computer every day.