A spontaneous activity

contributed by Mr. Keith Giacomotto, Year 6.2

During the first week of Term 3, while working from home due to quarantine, I asked the boys to get their hands on some of the books they had at home. Subsequently, I asked them to choose their favourite one and make a short presentation which they could then share with their classmates during our online sessions. They were very excited about the idea and were motivated because they could enjoy reading a book they like and then talk about it in front of their peers. According to Guthrie (1996), ‘highly motivated people generate their own literacy learning opportunities, and in doing so they begin to determine their own destiny as literacy learners’. We have now managed to continue this activity in class and all the boys got to share their book with their friends. All of us, boys and teachers, really enjoyed this spontaneous activity and I will make sure to include it when planning the activities for next year.