Traditional Maltese Games

contributed by Ms. Elaine Pauling, Year 5.3 Class Teacher

Games and play are fundamental for our well-being and physical health. Games help us relax and keep our bodies fit. Although students can enjoy a number of online games, some of them do not encourage movement at all.

One of the topics in Social Studies is identifying traditional Maltese games.  The students in our year group researched traditional Maltese games which were popular in the past. Some of the games they researched are Passju – (Hopscotch), Noli -(Hide and Seek), Il-Bombos – (Leap Frog), Boċċi tal-Ħġieġ– marbles, it-Tajra tal-Karti– the kite, il-Qbiż tal-Ħabel-the skipping rope.  The students created short videos explaining one  traditonal Maltese game of their choice and also showed how the game is played.

This activity helped the students understand the importance of play and games. Through play, new friendships are made, we learn how to take turns, follow rules and also accept defeat.