PE in the Primary School Adapts to COVID

contributed by Mr. Paulvic Xuereb (Primary PE Teacher)
and Mr. Silvan Ciscaldi (Sports Coach)

During such times, we are not an exception, so we too had to adapt to the “new norms”. The priority was always to keep our students safe but at the same time, we still tried to do our best to deliver a fun and interesting PE lesson. This was a real challenge at the beginning since we had to think outside our comfort zone. Not all things could be done in the same “old way”.  Months passed and looking back we can say that both us PE teachers and students have accustomed ourselves to the changes that we had to implement. The following were some of the changes that we applied to our PE LESSONS:

  1. Students had to bring with them their own outing bag together with a list of things that were needed in order to be used during the PE lesson. Some of these things included a personalized bib, disposable gloves, hand sanitizer, labelled water bottle and a mask case.
  2. During explanation time students were staggered around the whole pitch to keep social distance. After each and every lesson all equipment was sanitized.
  3. The school bought noodles which were used in order to be able to play tag games, as students love such games. This avoided close contact between students when they were tagging each other.
  4. We have been uploading weekly videos for all our students, and this served both to compensate for the lesson lost due to timetable constraints and also to reach out to those students who are not able to attend school.
  5. We have opted for activities that do not involve close contact.
  6. We are also doing online lessons when children are quarantined.
  7. In case of inclement weather, instead of a practical lesson, we taught our students important topics which will help them in their daily life. 

In spite of the pandemic, and even because of it, we had the chance to give our students more individual attention and feedback. This was due to the fact that we had half the class with us whilst the other half were doing online PSCD in class. The students’ well-being remains our priority as a P.E. department and we strive to give them the best education, regardless of any circumstance.