Accounting – A journey not to be missed!

contributed by Aiden Zammit, 10B

My name is Aiden Zammit and I am studying Accounts for the second year.

First things first…What is accounts?

Accounts is the recording, classifying and summarising of business transactions in terms of money. Accountants make reports, analyse and interpret the accounting data for persons interested in viewing the accounts of a business such as potential investors, shareholders and more. One should also mention that there are several types of accounting. The most commonly used today is computerised accounting which is taking over the manual systems as it is more accurate and reliable.

Why did I choose accounts?

I chose accounts for various reasons. First and foremost because an accounting background opens the door to alternative careers in business.  Another reason is that it helps to cultivate transferable skills which are very much in demand,  such as communication skills, leadership, problem solving and more.

What is my favourite topic?

All the topics we did so far were fascinating but my favourite topic was  the Statement of Profit or Loss and the Statement of Financial Position. We covered this topic last year and it brings together all the accounting processes which take place in accounts.  In this topic we learned how to find the gross and net profit of a business’ financial year. It also gives you a clearer and more reliable picture of what businesses do in real-life!

So,what are you waiting for?

If you think that accounts is the subject  for you, listen to your intuition and choose it;  you will have no regrets because it is a rewarding journey which offers a lot of opportunities and new ways of thinking.