Climate Change…The Current Global Crisis

contributed by Teachers of Environmental Studies

During the past few decades, scientists have been observing a change in climates worldwide. Climatic patterns are increasingly becoming harder to predict due to this change. Arctic regions are experiencing warmer temperatures, arid ones are becoming even drier and temperate latitudes are experiencing an increase in the severity of extreme weather events. All of this is attributed to the phenomenon of Global Warming. This highly debatable global concern was discussed in Environmental Studies lessons with Year 9 students.

In the light of the COP26 Summit which was held a couple of weeks ago in Glasgow, the students were asked to work on a task related to this global effort, as part of their ongoing assessment. They had to put themselves in the shoes of a country leader and put together a poster with their ideas on how their country will combat Global Warming. Many students came up with great ideas which would surely make an impact on this Global crisis.

“We cannot afford to wait to act against the threat of climate change. We must work together to protect our planet and people and ensure a greener, more resilient future for us all.”