Our 5 Senses – The Sense of Touch

contributed by Ms. Noelle Agius, Class Teacher 1.1

Our five senses are equally important to help us in our everyday life.  The senses enable us to appreciate and explore the world around us.  Imagine what a dull world we would live in if we were not able to see all the beautiful colours, or taste delicious food!  One of the Science lessons was about ‘Our Senses’.  To help the Year 1 boys understand better the sense of touch, and how our skin is in immediate contact with what we touch, they tested out different textures.  They were aware that not all things are made from the same material.  Their sense of touch helped them notice what felt soft, smooth, hard, bumpy and rough!  In the Arts and Crafts lesson, the boys then created a texture collage by matching pieces of five different materials according to their textures.