Representing our School in the China Cultural Centre Competition

contributed by Matthew Theuma, Year 11 Art Student

I feel very honoured that I represented my school in the ‘China Cultural Centre Competition’ held by the Chinese Embassy where I placed 2nd. Thanks to my Art Teacher Ms. Abigail for giving me this opportunity. It was an amazing experience, especially getting to know more about  Chinese culture and historical sites such as the Great Wall of China and its history. 

In my work, I chose to paint a Chinese woman wearing traditional clothes, the Hanfu. I included the dragon which is a Chinese symbol of good luck, power, strength and wealth and is often used in the Chinese New Year Parade. In my work I also included a typical Chinese house, called a Pagoda. The A3 acrylic painting was finished with a mixture of cold and warm colours whose contrast gives the painting its unique aura. 

Note: A virtual award-giving ceremony was held on Tuesday 16th March.