Making a Jam Sandwich- Writing Instructions in Year 4

contributed by Ms Denise Cassar, Year 4.3 Class Teacher

One of our writing genres in year 4 is ‘written instructions’. During this lesson we discussed how instructions are written to let someone know how to do something. A typical example of instructions is when we follow a recipe. Through this lesson, students learned that when writing instructions we write in the present tense and we use imperative verbs and adverbs to begin each step. They also understood the importance of clear, numbered instructions.

Together with the teacher, students discussed how a Jam Sandwich is made.  Subsequently, they made a list of things they would need and then wrote the method. After writing their instructions, the students  took out two slices of bread, butter, jam, a plastic plate and a plastic knife which they brought from home.  Finally, they followed their own instructions and made a Jam Sandwich. The students enjoyed eating their own Jam Sandwich in class!

Give the students something to do, not something to learn; and the doing is of such nature as to demand thinking; learning naturally results.’ John Dewey