STEAM goes online

contributed by Ms. Bernardette Deguara, STEAM Teacher

One of the challenges that the current pandemic has posed was that STEAM had to go completely online this year. However, this did not stop us from going full STEAM ahead! Every Wednesday, the students are given a recorded lesson that they can follow at their convenient time. Subsequently, they can upload their work and receive personal feedback on each task. These are some activities that are being held with different year groups.

Year 1 students focused on a classic fairy tale and used their building skills to build the bridge of the Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Year 2 students used Paint to create their own design using 2D shapes; a creative activity through which the students revised flat shapes and enhanced their ICT skills.

After learning about the first person who walked on the moon and about other interesting astronomical facts, year 3 boys created a moon lander for the marshmallows acting as astronauts.

Experimenting is an essential tool to instil curiosity in our students! Year 4 students created a density tower and tested which items float or sink on different liquids.

After learning about different types of circuits and researching the topic of electricity, year 5 students created a robot out of recycled items and some of them also managed to add a simple circuit to it to make it move around.

Year 6 students learned about the importance of robotics in our lives and how it can change several people’s lives. For instance, they learned about prosthetic limbs and created a robotic arm themselves!

All the above requires a lot of commitment and time from the students themselves together with their parents/guardians. However, we shall never let anything, not even a pandemic, stop us from learning!