The Sad Truth of Life

a poem by students from House 7 Romero

There go the bees without their hive,
Because when greed reigns,
All they can do is simply strive.

As for us humans, we can’t pollinate,
So, no flower to bloom,
And no blossom to locate.

It’s the fault of human causation,
That animals are out of the equation.

And what place to call home,
When land and oceans are just gone?
But the problem is not only pollution,
We need to co-operate to find a solution!

Trees attract birds while they provide clean air,
But morning and night,
Underground are worms and bugs of all kind.

Some people aren’t fair.
They chop these lungs down,
To leave us with a frown,
And let’s admit it,
We will never see,
A poem as lovely as a tree!

For our planet we need to care,
To have a breath of clean, fresh air.
So, let’s avoid this ugly dive,
And allow the world to hold onto its beautiful life.