Van Gogh Themed Art & Craft Lessons in Year 2

by Ms Rebecca Scerri, Class Teacher 2.2

As part of our Art & Craft lessons in Year 2 throughout this term, we talked about the famous artist Van Gogh. The students learned about his life and work. After analysing his style and discussing the life and times of the artist, we worked on his beautiful art piece ‘ ‘Starry Night’. We worked together as a whole class. Every student was given a sheet from the art piece and had to colour it, using warm or cold colours. Once all the sheets were joined together, we managed to make one whole art piece. The students enjoyed the teamwork and collaboration  to create this art piece. We also observed that whilst Van Gogh’s earlier works included the use of dark colours and heavy forms, his later paintings began to change.  The students’ task for the following week, was to create their own version of Van Gogh’s painting, ‘Sunflowers’, which served them as an opportunity to experiment with watercolours.