Christmas write-ups penned by our own students

The following contributions were written by members of our Blog Writing Club with the help of Mr. Sebastian Saliba

Merry Christmas!
Isn’t it fun
To say Merry Christmas
To everyone?
Time for a party
And presents and things
That make children happy
And give their hearts wings!

Alexei Sciberras, year 8

Christmas is for all ages,
Old and young.
On the Christmas Tree,
The baubles will be hung

The sweetly chimes,
When every word is a song,
Hoping not to run out of time,
For the season isn’t long.

All that is Christmas,
He stands among us still,
Enjoy this Christmas,
Your dreams always fulfill.

Covid won’t stop us
from celebrating the best time of the year.
My Christmas wish to you
is to make covid disappear.

Jean Borg, Year 9

It was the night before Christmas,
such a wonderful time of year.
When people decorate with socks,
too big for them to wear.

Reopening gifts for the second time,
and pretending like it’s the first.
Bloated from too much candy,
and eating until you’re about to burst.

It’s the most wonderful day
everyone looks forward to, all year
For if we remember Christmas
There’s no pain we cannot bear.

Emerson Abela, Year 10

The Christmas Getaway

Once upon a time there was a kid named Isaac who didn’t exactly get what he wanted for Christmas. He badly wanted a dog, a German Shepherd, to be exact. He told his parents about his wish but he was told that they couldn’t give him the pet because of how the pandemic had affected their jobs and wages.

He lashed out at his parents. He had wanted this present for a long time and was even doing twice as much chores as he was supposed to, just to prove that he deserved this and that the time was ripe. After all the yelling and screaming, he marched upstairs in sheer sadness and anger. He was silent in his room, just thinking, until his anger got the best of him and so he packed up some stuff and headed for the nearest bus stop and went on a trip. 

You could say that this trip was for him just a little stroll to get his mind off things. On the bus he was listening to music and then decided to go for a little snack. He got off the bus and left for a small diner that was close and that he knew. While he was sitting in the diner, back home his parents were having a talk. They had a plan. The plan was to get as much money as possible from every single close relative in the family just to buy this dog.  They didn’t know Isaac had gone missing and that he was just eating a portion of fries at the diner.

The waitress had noticed that he wasn’t feeling good today and so she went to check on him. They talked for a while about the situation and then the waitress smiled and said “it’s not their fault that they can’t get you the dog so what you should do is go say sorry to your parents and give them a big hug to show that you really are sorry plus don’t forget, there’s always next year!” Isaac smiled back, paid her for the fries and thanked her for the advice and then ran straight for home.

When he arrived at his house he opened the door to find a tiny puppy run straight to the door. He shrieked in joy and shock after seeing the cutest puppy ever. He ran straight for the kitchen to see his parents tired and out of breath. They had to do a lot of chasing in this one night. He gave the biggest hug he could and welcomed the puppy to the household (especially his room) but most importantly to the family. 

Jacob Unah, Year 9