Agribusiness at the Seminary

contributed by Ms Danika Formosa, teacher of Agribusiness

Over the past few weeks, our students have been very busy with agribusiness studies. Agribusiness is a vocational education subject which is offered to students who would like to learn more about food production, aquaculture and cuniculture, amongst others; and don’t mind getting their hands dirty! Our two groups have been working hard to grow some vegetables and flowers and learning about rabbits, respectively.

Our year 9 students spent many lessons in the field, planting lettuce, cabbage, carrots and onions, amongst other things. Our year 11 students have been learning about rabbits and how to take care of a rabbitry. Through agribusiness as a subject, students are given the opportunity to learn about the farming industry in Malta and prepare for future jobs related to animal husbandry and care, fish and food production.

Some of our year 7 SEN students have helped Ms Danika prepare some seed trays and plant some bean seeds. Once these germinate and grow, they will all be transplanted into the Seminary fields to continue growing and eventually will be used and sold within the Seminary Community. Ms Danika has also been busy preparing vetch (ġulbiena) for Christmas and taking care of our fish tanks.

It’s been a very busy first term and we are looking forward to grow more crops and to share the result with the entire community!