Seminary Scout Group

The Archbishop’s Seminary community is always on the lookout for ways to continue forming children and youth, holistically. Apart from the academic aspect, we wanted to invest in a different type of education grounded in the value of voluntary work, learning and acquiring different life skills in the context of our natural environment. We thus took the opportunity to re-establish the Seminary Scout Group thanks to dedicated volunteers who came forward at the beginning of this year. Through this group boys and girls will have great opportunities to explore different kinds of things that go beyond the classroom walls. We feel that this is a sterling investment for our society as we encourage our children to become appreciative and insightful adults in the future.

The volunteers are currently undergoing regular training sessions organised by the Scout Association of Malta. The reasons behind these sessions are mainly to enhance scouting skills and to have a solid base for the formation of this group that instills positive attitudes and curiosity about learning new things.

The formation of the upcoming Seminary Scout Group will essentially consist of the following sub-groups:- 

Cub Scouts – for exploration 

The age for this sub-group will range from seven to eleven years old. The Cub Scouts adventure will be full of fun and exploration.

Troop Scouts – for adventure

This is intended for youth aged ten and a half to fourteen and a half years old. The aim of this sub-group will be to provide scouts with fun, challenging and interesting activities while at the same time teaching them skills and instilling in them essential values for life.

Adult Support – for a challenge

Whether you are completely new to scouting or you were a scout yourself, you will definitely enjoy sharing your child’s scouting experience. Scouting is also a great way for families to participate in new adventures and activities together. 

We are inviting adults who are interested in joining the Seminary Scout Group to contact us on