Seminary Students in National Art Competition

The Sovereign Art Foundation Students Prize Malta and Gozo 2020

by Ms Abigail Attard – Art Teacher

Our school participated in an Art competition called ‘Joy’, organized by the Sovereign Art Foundation, which was open to all the Secondary schools in Malta and Gozo together with 6 th form students from: Junior College; Mcast; Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School; St.Martin’s and St.Aloysis College among others. Only 12 finalists had to be chosen for the final stage of the competition, and as a school we are proud to say that two of our year 10 students; Matthew Theuma and Andrei Tabone made it to the finals. Their work is going to be exhibited together with the other finalists’ work throughout the whole month of March in four different venues:

  • 2nd – 7 th March 2020 : Palazzo Ferreria , Republic street, Valletta. 9th – 15th March 2020: Mater Dei Hospital
  • 9th – 15th March 2020: Mater Dei Hospital
  • 16th – 22nd March 2020: Carob Tree – Spinola Park, St.Julians.
  • 23rd – 28th March 2020: The Duke Shopping Mall, Gozo.

I encourage you all to support this exhibition and competition by visiting the exhibition during this month of March , as apart from supporting our students’ work, the final three winners are going to be chosen by public voting.

The prizes are as follows:

  • 1st place: €2,000 to the school, €500 to the winning artist
  • 2nd place: €600 to the school, €250 to the first runner up
  • 3rd place: €400 to the school , €100 to the second runner up

Voting can be done in three ways and every person can vote up to three times:

  1. Voting manually on the venue of the exhibition on one of the dates and venues above
  2. Voting electronically by using this link :
  3. Voting on the Facebook Poll here:

I encourage you all to vote for our students as well as support their work. Your support is truly appreciated!

Students Thoughts:

Title: Simple pleasures, are priceless treasures: the beauty of achieving joy with simplicity.
Student’s name: Andrei Tabone
Age: 14 years

My idea of Joy is that children, the adults of tomorrow understand and appreciate life through nature, love and happiness with each other. The aim of my work was to show that joy can be expressed even with the simplest of things, such as nature and the arts, no matter where one is from.
In my work, the children are represented as being happy and joyful, exploring the bubbles, an element that is associated with childhood.
All of the bubbles represents different elements; there is a man relaxing in the sun surrounded by trees, a family enjoying each other and friends jumping happily. Their T-shirt also represent different hobbies and pass times such as Art and music. These also represents my own personal means of joy.
The children are represented with different identities and nationalities, with different hair texture, and skin colour. This is in order to show the celebration of diversity, which is an element that is still being cried for in several countries today. Hence, my work represents that different cultures can express the joy of living together in a peaceful world.
Peace and accepting everyone regardless of their nationality or ethnicity is what brings joy to a lot of people. So although joy is subjective to each and every individual, as everyone’s means of joy is different, if we all do our part and create a happy environment where everyone feels welcome, accepted and respected, irrelative of one’s background, beliefs or culture, we can all live a better, joyful life. Everyone should play his role in order to help others find their own means of joy and happiness.

Title: The journey and struggle of achieving Joy and a sense of happiness in our life.
Student’s name: Matthew Theuma (Age: 14 years)

The flying boy in my work symbolizes elements that no amount of money can buy, such as; happiness, joy, love, family, health, freedom and friends among others. The boy is being represented as being carried away with all these elements that everyone wants in life and thrives for. Although all of these are quite heavy such as ‘freedom’ and ‘health’, the boy is like being carried smoothly along the wind, far away from the darkness underneath, symbolizing ‘freedom’.
While some of us might want the latest iPhone, others are still thriving for the basic human rights such as gender equality and freedom in certain countries. Unfortunately, although it is 2020, there are several countries living in a dictatorship, hence, for these people, freedom , both physically and mentally is what brings them joy and it is what they are working for.
The people in the red area are struggling. Some of them manage to climb up and try to reach the boy, some of them falls off the cliff once they manage to escape while others have no faith and luck in achieving freedom. These are representing the people who are struggling in order to achieve their means of joy.
Joy is not something that can be achieved materialistically. We live in a planet where there are a lot of people who suffer from; mental illnesses such as Depression, sickness, bullying and financial problems among others. If all the people in the red area join together and help one another, forming a human ladder, they all can make it to the top and reach the light. What a world we would live in if only we do help each other! Let’s care for each other , respect and accept others, while working together in order to find our own means of joy and happiness, whether it means good health in our family, career success, love, freedom and peace!