Crossroads Vocational Activity

contributed by Andrea Borg, House 11W

I am not sure what triggered me and my friends to reply to Fr Stephen’s email to join the activity ‘Crossroads’ scheduled for 10th February 2020.  It could have been a justified excuse to stay away from our desks at home, away from revision and Matsec past papers!

We met at 9.00am near the vocations centre and were very pleased to meet several friends, not only from my school.  We started off with a nice mass in the chapel which gave us the required time and space for prayer and reflection. Thankfully, the weather was ideal for hiking so we grouped according to age and proceeded to Dingli for a long walk.  While relishing the fresh air, we stopped near a small chapel and had interesting discussions about the feast of St Paul.  We considered how different our life would have been if his ship had not been dragged to our country. The day finished with football tournaments at the MUSEUM centre in Dingli.  It was great fun!

Whatever made me accept the invitation for Crossroads Activity, it was really worth going and I would highly recommend similar activities for you to join.