A day at ESPLORA

contributed by Jeremy Grech, House 7P

On Wednesday 21st January, my year group visited an interactive science centre in Kalkara known as ‘Esplora’. It was a rather fun experience that I would like to share with you. We met up in the assembly area and everyone was joyful and excited. You could easily tell by just having a glance at our faces!

Once we reached the science centre, we split up in two groups and walked through the exhibitions. One particular section was about health and the human body. It comprised interactive activities such as a type of treadmill where you could see a heart on the screen and the faster you go, the more your heart beats and pumps blood. There was also a sailing game and another section about volcanoes.

There was also an interesting section of optical illusions such as a picture that looks flat from a distance but is actually not flat. There were other types of mirrors that give a floating impression when the visitor is actually standing.  Another exhibition showcased musical instruments, including traditional Maltese instruments whose sounds could be heard, a harp and many other types. There was also a screen which displayed the decibel every time you played an instrument.

Another exhibition included mirrors that make you tall, short and wide. There was also a room with UV light and another one with flashing light. There was a hallway full of mirrors leading to the pinhole camera which looked like it was full of mirrors and you could see yourself in every angle. Another display included things you cannot see with your own eyes but only with the help of special glasses. In the electricity section, we could touch a sphere-shaped object and see the electric reaction underneath our hands.

At one point, we had a 30-minute break at The Esplora café which is also worth visiting as they have good coffee and food.  Finally, we proceeded to the planetarium to see a short film named ‘Cell cell cell’. As the name suggests, it’s a film about cells and it goes into a lot of detail which makes it truly intriguing. When the film ended, we saw the last exhibit which was about outer space and about how astronauts spend their free time in space, such as playing football with no gravity.

This was such a fun experience and I wish we could do something similar in the near future. If you’re reading this, I strongly suggest you visit this lovely interactive science centre with your family and friends.