Celebrating our Patron Saint Day

contributed by Ms. Denise Cassar, Class 4.3

On Wednesday, the 22nd of January 2020, the Archbishop’s Seminary School celebrated Saint Paul, the school’s patron saint. All students, along with their teachers and LSEs, had the opportunity to participate in various activities that helped them reflect on what Saint Paul went through in his life in his endeavour to preach the Gospel.

The primary school started off their day with a celebration in the Primary Hall, that took place in the presence of Archbishop Charles J. Scicluna. During the celebration, our Year 4 students took part in a mime that portrayed three episodes from the life of Saint Paul: the accusation and trial in Jerusalem, the journey that led him to our island and his stay in Malta.

After the celebration, all year groups were given a programme to follow. Year 4 students walked all the way to Saint Paul’s parish church in Rabat. There they took part in three short activities. The boys saw a feature that illustrated key events from the life of Saint Paul and together recounted what they knew about the saint. Subsequently, they visited a small church dedicated to Saint Publius, which is adjacent to Rabat’s parish church. Here they recalled and reflected on the kindness the Maltese people showed with Paul and the rest of the people who were shipwrecked. A short discussion followed on how in our life we too can be generous and kind with the people around us. Later the students visited Saint Paul’s Grotto, were the saint is said to have stayed while in Malta. The children were very interested as they got to actually see where Saint Paul lived for three months. Here the focus was on the sufferings Paul had to endure to remain faithful to his calling and to spread the Good News. The teachers led a short discussion with the boys that made them think about how we too have to go against our will and impulses to do what is right and be good followers of Jesus.

Students were also given a long break on the church’s parvis, where together they ate their lunch and had time to play. We finally walked back to school. Both the students and the teachers loved this day and felt that it gave our community the opportunity to deepen our understanding of what it means to be followers of Jesus.