Learning the Maltese letters and their corresponding sound

contributed by Ms. Noelle Agius, Class 1.3

A new term, a new start!  Now that Term 2 has started, the Year 1 classes have started introducing the letter sounds of the Maltese language.  The children are introduced to one letter sound a day, and are exposed to vocabulary related to that particular letter.  In order to make learning fun, the boys take part in activities such as listening to short stories and songs about the sound of the day and take part in games.  During this game, the boys are given flashcards with letters that have been covered in class, and they have to put pompoms on the pictures that start with the letter shown on the card.  This activity helps the boys to widen their Maltese vocabulary and thus learn new words.  Moreover, exposing the children to the Maltese language through stories during the first term, proved to be very fruitful.  As the saying goes, “Sow the seeds of hard work, and you will reap the fruits of success.”