Forest and Bush Fires

contributed by House 8W

Forest and bush fires are a catastrophe. We had two major forest and bush fires in 2019, in the Amazon Rainforest and in Australia. When trees burn, a lot of carbon dioxide is released in the atmosphere. Moreover, since this leads to less trees, less carbon dioxide will be absorbed. An increase in carbon dioxide leads to global warming. Apart from this, less oxygen will be released by such forests. Oxygen is essential for life. Forest and bush fires are also resulting in the death of a lot of animals which might become extinct. For example, in Australia a staggering one billion animals are now estimated dead. The numbers of Kangaroos, Koalas and other animals killed keeps increasing. A small number of the 8,700 trees planted in Malta in 2019 were donated to our school by Infrastructure Malta. This will partially replace all the trees that were lost. We are deeply saddened by this news but if all schools globally follow our example we will surely make a difference to this sad situation!