Our Testing System

At the Archbishop’s Seminary in Rabat – Malta, we have been using Automated Testing Software to assess ECDL examinations since 2002. The main advantages are:

  • Objective Marking: The marking is elaborated by the computer
  • Immediate Feedback: The candidate is issued the result forthwith
  • Guarantee of Performance: on the part of the Centre.

We currently make use of Atlas Cloud testing systems, formerly know as Enlght, which are entirely automated

This development has a twofold effect. Firstly our students benefit from this development by sitting for their examinations on site. Secondly our school is in a position to offer its services to other schools and to the general public. The system also provides a mock testing system, called Diagnostic Tests. These are also made available to all those persons who wish to sit for ECDL exams with the Archbishop’s Seminary.