Doing ECDL testing for your group

Many schools have included ECDL in their syllabus and curriculum. School leavers should have sufficient basic computer skills to operate comfortably within a computerised work environment. They should also take with them an awareness of the opportunities provided by the computer industry and how to take advantage of them.

Since there is no other national certification for computer literacy and awareness, ECDL is ideal for those students who do not study “Computer Studies” as a subject area.

As the ECDL is modular in structure, it can easily be integrated into the school curriculum. Students have three years in which to obtain their ECDL, so schools are not under pressure to complete the programme in one year.

The Archbishop’s Seminary provides support to schools and their ICT teachers in teaching the subject to their students. Exams are set at an agreed day and time at the convenience of both the schools and the test centre.